The Academy

Ethos is not only teaching music, our K-6th grade Academy Program yields a strong educational foundation. Students will study the core subjects of language arts, mathematics, science and history in addition to music, art and foreign language.

  • Language Arts curriculum trains students in reading, writing, penmanship and spelling. This includes verse memorization, study of word origin and a variety of reading and writing assignments.
  • Mathematics instruction follows the sequential Saxon Math method with additional supplementation by Singamore math. Younger students also use math readers and manipulatives.
  • Science classes consist of exploration, experimentation as well as study of specific content areas from numerous references and encyclopedic sources.
  • History is studied chronologically beginning with ancient civilizations the first year and moving through the middle ages, the renaissance and modern times. Texas and American history are also covered.
  • We also consider Music, Art and Foreign Language instruction to be an integral part of every child’s development. These courses will be taught daily.

Children will learn Theater Arts as they perform in a musical production and highlight all the artistic skills they have been building during the school year.